I want to share with other movie fans those amazing films that get under your skin and stay with you for days: the scary ones, the funny ones; the ones that get you thinking.

With a background in creative writing, photography, psychology and neuroscience, I’ll be focusing on dialogue, what makes a great story, if the film has beautiful creative cinematography, the soundtrack and any movie that successfully scratches the surface of our existence.

My aim is to always be searching for that ultimate movie, to share what I’ve found to be interesting (whether it be a great soundtrack, a great director or links to other information of interest) and to give an honest review without too much fluff.

Feel free to leave any comments or further information – I’m interested to hear other people’s opinions and additions.

Enjoy! Natalie Teasdale

Natalie Teasdale (Founder / Editor / Contributor)

BAppSci Psychology/Psychophysiology

GradDip Creative Arts

Post GradDip Creative Writing



Jan WilsonJan Wilson

I’m a published author with a life-long passion for writing fiction and reviews. As a former VCE English teacher and current Communications officer, I enjoy having a creatively critical outlet for sharing my love of films and particularly soundtrack music. I enjoy attending pop culture conventions, watching science fiction films (and most genres except horror). I have a BA (Hons), a Grad Dip Ed and intend doing a Grad Dip in Creative Writing soon.



Simmon Wagner

Simmon Wagner

The thing I love most about what I do – is the diversity from writing professional fashion articles, short film scripts, movie reviews and my first novel a psychological-thriller. A writer trained in Journalism, fashion design, as a chef and a Private Investigator, seeking authenticity and curiosity in the world of writing, art, film, wellness and fashion.



John BartlettJohn Bartlett

I’ve been a movie buff ever since growing up in a South Australian country town and going to the Saturday matinee. Now I’m more gripped by psychological thrillers and a fascination with the dark sides of human personality. I’ve published two novels and a collection of short stories and blog at: www.beyondtheestuary.com



Silvia Brown

Silvia Brown describes herself as a creative writer with a dark soul. Besides volunteering for the Australasian Horror Writers Association, Silvia writes dark fiction, film reviews and a writing log on writing. Check out her website http://silviabrown.me for more details and/or join her on Twitter @SilvBrownWriter.


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